Stairs, Windows, Doors & Beams

Stairs, Windows, Doors and BeamsThere is virtually no architectural limit in creating the most stunning staircases of almost any shape. Our joiners use a variety of methods, both modern and traditional in order to build stairs from a variety of woods, and completed with a large of finishes. Staircases can be works of art, and create a focal point in your home. Designs commonly include spiral, straight, curved, elliptical and freestanding. Each is unique, however, and will be manufactured to your specific requirements.

At Absolutt Joinery, we believe that using mass-produced windows in your home can be detrimental to creating a high-end design. Instead, we offer a service creating custom-made windows and window frames to ensure your home looks fabulous whether you are looking in or out. Windows can be manufactured in a variety of designs to ensure they are in keeping with the décor of the rest of your home. This is particularly important in conservation areas where the exterior of each home must adhere to specific regulations.

Much like with windows, fitting mass-produced doors can leave a beautiful home looking somewhat incomplete. Doors should not be considered as a merely a junction from one room to the next, but instead as the first and final impression one gets when entering or leaving each living space. Absolutt Joinery are specialists in manufacturing bespoke doors for all areas in the home. Typical types of door include interior doors, bi-folding doors, sliding doors, fire doors, and front doors. We are strong believers in the importance of home security, and all doors that require locks are fitted with secure and trusted Banham Locks and keys.

Absolutt Joinery can alter the entire appearance of living space by manufacturing wooden beams for the ceiling area. We typically use cedar woods, and certain exotic woods to produce a beautiful finish. Our highly experienced craftsmen are also able to regenerate and repair existing beams using the latest methods available. When creating such a drastic change to your home, we recommend that you use our 3D visualisation service. This will give you a realistic impression of the end result before you actually make any physical changes to your home.